Iranian Food Table

Ghorme sabzi
Persian food is one of the tastiest and most popular vegetable fricassee that it is impossible to find anyone who does not love. This stew mixture of herbs such as parsley, onion and coriander and lamb cooked with red kidney beans. In addition, the tart flavor of the stew served with dried limes. One of the unique flavors of the herbs fenugreek Nagorno vegetables that taste new and unfamiliar to many Westerners.

Fesenjan stew symbolic and is an integral part of Persian food at weddings and parties, which combine the pomegranate sauce and chicken or duck is cooking Dlpzyzy. Onions and rice in pomegranate sauce thick and thick sauce cooked slowly with each other to lose. Sometimes the stew flavored saffron and cinnamon, and sometimes to balance the flavor stewed, add a little sugar to it.

Eggplant Stew
Eggplant stew with red and gold shiny cooked with tomatoes and turmeric, one of the Iranian cuisine is very popular.

Table fava beans
Food culture, often saffron rice with butter and cook the rice in which case it is called. But sometimes rice cookies with other substances that put his name utensils. Materials such as herbs, greens, beans, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, meat and rice noodles options for mixing with that in the end are a perfect food. One of Plvha, fava beans rice is that in the spring demand a lot, because in this new chapter of fava beans for gourmet cooking and are very convenient. If a bowl of rice with fava beans before you leave, green color before anything is glaring.

Barberry Rice
Iranians love sour taste and touch, so that cranberries and barberries among raw materials will see Iranian cuisine. Barberry Rice, this ancient and popular dish, with red barberry are dry before cooking. Cook the rice with lots of butter, which helps to smooth and pleasant aroma of barberry.

Iranian kebabs what you think, are more diverse. Kebab, grilled with red meat, chopped onion, salt and pepper cooked. It may seem simple, but the taste is unique apart. Then leaves before your meal with lamb or beef sliced ​​thin, with lemon juice, onion, saffron and butter to cook. Roast chicken or chicken after marinating chicken in lemon juice and saffron, grilled on the fire.

Noodle soup
Noodle soup, a thick soup with a dense texture of strings that delicious mix of beans and legumes and herbs and leaves like spinach and beet leaves. Before serving noodle soup, topped with sautéed onions, mint and curd decorated. Dough thick curd-like substance that is produced in Central Asia.

Bottom of the pot / bottom China
Undoubtedly bottom of the pot spirit of Persian cuisine! Layer bottom of the pot is crispy and golden and bronze in the floor pan fried and tastes like popcorn and potato chips, of course Mth Bazmatyk rice is soft as well. Bottom of the pot, the golden section and delicious restaurant menu is not and never can if you want, you have to say with their food. Although some restaurants also see in the bottom of the pot preparing food. One of the popular bottom of the pot of food at family gatherings and Iran for Brdashtnsh with someone you do not reprimanded.

eating vegetables
It is impossible to eat Persian food and a dish of fresh herbs you want to see next meal. In this dish herbs such as tarragon, mint, basil, cilantro, radishes and chives and walnuts along with White feta cheese to be seen.