Sleep with an empty stomach, not Laghrtan!

Obesity and overweight are among the common problems of today's world. Some Kylvhay Add to reduce the resort to do anything. Reduction in daily food intake is one of the options in the field of weight loss is considered.

Although reducing calorie intake for weight loss but it seems logical to go to bed hungry when you can have various effects on different people. According to experts, this condition is often beneficial to human health or your weight.

Sleep disorder

Go to bed when you're not hungry, can not sleep delayed.

An increase of weight

Many people think on an empty stomach sleeping can be effective in achieving the goal of weight loss, but in fact the more you feel hungry, the probability that the next day to eat more food, more. Rather than starve at night you can eat some nuts or dark chocolate.

Loss of muscle mass

If I go to sleep at night hungry exercise, will have profit. To get the best out of your exercise, sleep a few hours before dinner-style eat and drink enough water. Keep in mind that avoid overeating. The amount of food you consume too much should not be a feeling of heaviness or fullness in you. A light dinner and tonic prevents the formation disorder sleep at night. While the possibility of overnight process provides for the body to repair and build muscles, including noted.

Energy loss

Do you think your body does not need food at night? It is in this context reconsider. The human body is constantly consume energy 24 hours a day and are constantly burning calories. This means that should the fuel needed to maintain the highest level of efficiency even when you're asleep provide. If you go to sleep hungry due to decreased energy levels can affect the rest of your day.


An empty stomach and a feeling of hunger can make anyone cranky. The results of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge showed that levels of the hormone serotonin - the hormone that regulates behavior - when a person is fit fluctuate that these conditions affect the part of the brain that helps control anger.

Set a specific time to eat

Set a specific time for meals can be a wonderful impact on weight and waist size you have. Regular meals sustainable energy supply for the body and maintain a healthy metabolic rate.


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