Not eat in a hurry!

In today's world everything is faster and faster, eat well this is accelerating. Many people have little time to sit and enjoy their meal. So to compensate, eating too fast, eating or doing something else along with it.

Unfortunately, when we eat too fast, we will enhance the likelihood of experiencing overeating and weight increases. When we eat fast food to slow as we do not enjoy eating our meals.

How can I eat fast food?

If your meals in less than 15 to 20 minutes to eat the food you've eaten it too fast. If after eating too much fast food you've eaten a feeling of fullness in mind.

Do not stop when they are full

There is a general rule that says to eat a meal, should take 20 minutes. It's almost the same time that the digestive system to the brain to send a hormone that is needed to confirm full and stop eating. If you eat a meal in less than 20 minutes, you have not enough time to send a message of satiety to the brain.
This means that if you eat fast food because it increases the likelihood that you suffer from binge eating before you feel full, eat a lot of food. Hormone signaling between the gut and the brain work in a complex shape. Once the food reaches the stomach to the small intestine hormone cholecystokinin be sent to the brain to stop eating to announce.

Leptin is another hormone that plays a key role in setting long-term appetite. Leptin is released by fat cells and fat stores to the brain signals the body to the hunger / satiety lift up and down.

If fat cells in the body increases, leptin production will also increase as a result of food intake is also reduced. However, leptin resistance is associated with obesity may also occur.

How do we prevent weight gain?

Research has shown that men and women who are overweight when eating speed to reduce the amount of eating is also reduced.

In another study of 1,700 adult participants found that those who ate more slowly, receive fewer calories in their meals.

Thus, if you are trying to lose weight, slow food when eating meals can be very useful, because you eat less. Research has shown that obesity doubles the risk of eating fast food. In addition to the quantity and quality of food you eat should have focused on speed eating.

Not enjoy your food

In culture hurry for anything to rarely something to do with patience and calm. It might seem strange to you that eating slowly and focus on what we eat can help to eat less.

If you focus on the food you eat will not increase the likelihood that further?

According to research, there is no such thing. Many studies have shown that eating slowly and enjoying it can help to have a sense of satisfaction from what we ate.

When we eat fast food actually taste what we do not understand. Taste and enjoy the food makes us feel satisfied faster than it. Slowly enjoy a little piece of cake can quickly eat two large pieces of cake is much more enjoyable. Eat so pleased that in addition to the stomach, psychologically also satisfied.

Tips for a more relaxed eating

If you eat too fast to slow down the use of these points. It may initially require much effort, but after a while you eat slowly, you will be simplified.

When eating a few things together do not make a lot of people are watching TV while eating, working or are looking at a computer screen. When eating, what makes you be distracted off so that you can focus on your food. This will help you enjoy the most out of food and eat it too slow.
Small gas check: Instead of a lot of food at once into your mouth, turned to the small morsel or gases. Eat small portions of food can help you eat more slowly. If possible, you can use a small spoon to slow down the process of eating food.
Chew your food completely: Fast food usually means that what you eat is not good to chew. More than to concentrate on chewing food. It even helps digest food better.
Put down your fork between bites of a spoon to help reduce the speed of eating, a practical recommendation is to put down your cutlery after every mouthful. It makes you force yourself to eat slowly. Some mobile applications are that they can help in this direction.


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